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Emilia Sharples

Having studied Art History and Digital Heritage respectively, it has always been a passion of mine to curate a space in which people can talk about their take on art.  I love how art can be connected to anything, be it mathematics, law, politics or performance.

Nowadays I work as an artist agent in London, combining my digital skills with my love of art. I want to share the cool people and stories I come across!


Art Pot was born in order to help express how interconnected art truly is, breaking down any barriers that place the subject into its own separate realm. Art can and should be felt and loved by everyone, regardless of the context!


Lucia Guercio

Lucia is a passionate individual whose curiosity and will to learn has brought her away from her home country of Italy. 
She has a MA in History of Art from the University of St Andrews, focusing on Latin American performance art during the dictatorships. During her university years, her passion for a more accessible art knowledge led to the foundation of ArtPot together with her coursemate and friend Emilia Sharples.

Her passion for Latin American studies has been more deeply explored also during her postgraduate time at the University of Emory, in Atlanta. 

Other than art, her big passion is food, from cooking to eating the most diverse delicacies. Indeed, she is now back into her home country to pursue a double degree in food industry management and law. She is looking forward to intertwine her artistic knowledge with her passion for food into new creative endeavours.


Haomin Li

Hello, I am Haomin (Jackie) from Shanghai! Since my first published
article on Art Pot Magazine in 2020, I have gone on to graduate from St
Andrews and the Warburg Institute, go on a 21st-century budget Grand
Tour, and finish an eventful internship at Sotheby’s... Having grown so much since the bucolic days in the East Neuk of Fife, I now specialise in Old Master drawings and unfinished works of art. At the same time I still retain a keen interest in Classical architecture.

Currently, I am based in London engaging in a few different fun
endeavours — working in close proximity with unspoilt organic produce, hosting events for young people at the British Museum, and kicking off an art and antique dealership.

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