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Emilia Sharples

Co-Founder / Creative Director

I am in my fourth year of studying Art History at the University of St Andrews and have been a lover of art for many years! My interests centre around the art market as well as the criminal underbelly of the art world. I find studying Art History to be so rewarding as the subject enriches and enhances so many different disciplines of life. I love how art can be connected to anything, be it mathematics, law, politics or performance. Art Pot was born in order to help express how interconnected art truly is, breaking down any barriers that place the subject into its own separate realm. Art can and should be felt and loved by everyone, regardless of the context!


Lucia Guercio

Co-Founder / Creative Director

I am a fourth year Art History student at the University of St. Andrews, from Salerno, Italy. At five years old, while exploring the Louvre Museum from the first time, I remember looking astonished at the majestic Winged Victory. There I understood my path was in the art world! Now my passions shifted to modern times, with a particular focus on conceptual and postmodern art of the Americas. I am also interested in the sociological and anthropological aspects of art, such as the breakdown of the gallery space and the business psychology behind the art market. Art History means to me a world of opportunities, understanding social, political, cultural and historical contexts, while also abandoning yourself to insightful contemplation and individualistic understanding!

Podcast Director

Arts Economist

Haomin Li


Elliot Seth Faber

Head of Collaborations

Paola Córdova

Head Writer

Hi! My name is Paola and I am a fourth year International Relations-Art History student at the University of St. Andrews. Art has always been a real passion of mine, and what I look to whenever I need to find an outlet for my emotions and energy. Though I genuinely find all art forms incredibly interesting, my real fascination extends to art that is expressly postcolonial and anti-system. I enjoy observing the dialogue held between the developed and developing world through a variety of mediums, a material (sometimes very abstract) manifestation of a tense political climate that has existed for centuries. I would say some of my favorite art has been made by Yinka Shonibare, Kara Walker, Maria Izquierdo, and Ai Wei Wei.

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Ilaria Bevan

Currently I am my fourth year Art History at St. Andrews. The sensational art scene in my hometown London originally fuelled my interest in Art History as being constantly surrounded by art and architecture from all eras, coexisting in one space, makes the subject extremely thrilling for me. This synthesis is also immensely prevalent in the culture of Japan, which would be my dream place to work in and study art. I particularly love the contemporary art scene in Japan, with some of my favourite artists being Hiroshi Senju, Yoshitomo Nara and the iconic Yayoi Kusama because their works are not only fun and colourful which makes them extremely captivating, but are more importantly reflective of the beauty of Japan an its modern heritage. Furthermore art’s ability to transcend time and transport its spectators to new, unfamiliar territories, whilst also being able to relate to one’s own cultural matrix is something that has always been of interest to me and Art Pot is certainly the perfect place for me to engage with this more!

Hello! My name is Haomin (Jackie), I’m from Shanghai, and I am soon to become a fourth year Art History student in September. I LOVE the history of art and basically everything related to it! My favourite in Art History would probably go to the very whimsical (and playful) Dutch genre paintings in the 1600s. Besides that, I would also totally fix my eyes upon virtually any (Neo-)Classical architecture, painting, and sculpture whenever I come across one.

I’m a fourth-year student in St. Andrews, studying Art History and Film Studies. Growing up in Glasgow, my exposure to the arts was mainly through visits to the beloved Kelvingrove Art Gallery and an involvement with theatre. I am particularly invested in the surrealist movement, especially how different mediums interacted with each other during the interwar period. The theories that bind the likes of fine art, film, music, photography (etc.) is something I am keen to explore through the networking of ideas within Art Pot magazine!


Rada Georgieva


I am a fourth-year Art History and Russian student from Varna, Bulgaria. My interests vary from medieval ecclesiastical architecture and illuminated manuscripts to modern and postmodern art theory. I have a particular affinity for modern Eastern European and Latin American art dealing with issues of political oppression and resistance. One of the things I love about Art History is that it is an endless repository of meanings, ideas and influences, which always challenges your perceptions. To me, art is an experience inseparable from life and the opportunity to share that experience with everyone is invaluable.


Grace Kinnersley


I am a fourth year studying Art History and International Relations. My primary interest lies in how art acts as an indicator of socio-political climates and its use in cultural diplomacy and development, namely in the Middle East and Latin America. I am most captivated by hybrid aesthetic and architectural motifs born from colonial or trading encounters of disparate cultures. My favourite artists and architects include César Manrique, Frida Kahlo, and Sheikh Baha’i.

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