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Fungidelic Crochet

Written by: Elliot Seth Faber

I had the pleasure in talking to Pippa (@pippa_music_) about her lockdown pastime-turned-business! Pippa is a third-year Vocal Studies student at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland who, since the initial lockdown, has been handmaking and selling beautifully-crocheted accessories and garms…

On Beginning

“I’ve always wanted to create my own clothes because I think it’s a really nice method of sustainability and owning funky fashion. But I never really had time because of university and the intense course, so when lockdown came around, there was this perfect opportunity to put in the hours to learn how to crochet. I had also kind of got in a music rut, and was on a path to find a different artistic outlet. In ways, crocheting has helped me in my musical creativity as it’s a break from what can sometimes be a stressful activity.

Not one bit did I think it would turn into a business. I was just making a pair of mushroom earrings for myself and just posted that I would be happy to make some for anyone who wanted. Then they started sharing on their Instagram and so on. After I realised I had generated some amount of interest, I started pricing them, and then created a separate Instagram for business!”

On Slow Fashion

“The whole idea of slow fashion is that it’s local, sustainable, and longer-lasting. Ethical-sourcing is especially important over lockdown, where people will be more inclined to shop online from big retailers or marketplaces. I use 100% vegan yarn, so I like to think my love for the natural world isn’t just shown in the designs, but also in the materials used! I’ve switched to cotton; I was using acrylic but that has plastic in it. It’s a longer process on my end, but I think it’s worth waiting a little longer and paying a little more if I am able to source materials that don’t harm the environment.

In selling slow fashion, it can be a little uncomfortable at times as the products are generally dearer than fast fashion. It’s definitely caused some awkward conversations with people that maybe aren’t used to the whole concept. That being said, it’s so great to see how open people are to this greener alternative!”

On Mushrooms

“I just love mushrooms to be honest! I think a mushroom is an amazing symbol for the natural world, and the idea of people running around with mushrooms hanging from their ears I find quite amusing! It also made for a good project name: ‘Fungidelic’. Get it?...”

Check out @fungidelic_crochet on Instagram for all your stylishly-sustainable crochet needs!



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