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Art Pot Magazine: to view, to feel, to be art.


This is the first of hopefully very many posts for Art Pot Magazine!

We wanted to use this as an opportunity to introduce ourselves, the aims of Art Pot and the ethos we intend to cultivate through this platform!

We both share a passion for art and wanted to create a space where anybody would feel welcome to contribute towards this love! We understand that there can often be such a stigma surrounding academic writing and, in particular, studying the subject of Art History and so we wanted to confront this and change the narrative!

We also saw it as a welcome opportunity for a break from writing with academic pressure and instead can take pleasure in developing artistic interests outside of the library! Forget references and heavy tomes, we are looking for that glimpse of passion, creativity and enterprising. Anything ranging from feelings to experiences, from reflective wanderings around a museum to the psychedelic art in the 70s album covers - all of this is Art Pot Magazine.

Don’t feel not “worth it” if you don’t like research and don’t believe you are a nerd if you enjoy it. Art can be appreciated in countless and unexpected ways, which is exactly what we are promoting. Art is that therapy from a bad day, the inspiration for some great ideas or the meditation device to relax and find yourself. Let’s bring these art values to the stage! We want art in the spotlight, not what convention and conservatism has made of it. Expertise is not needed to partake into this project, we are looking for anything you want to share so long as there is art involved!

The art world for us is totally interconnected and so we want Art Pot Magazine to be a space for anybody involved in the arts. The art ‘pot’ is the culmination of everything artistic and encompasses so much more than academic literature!

Art Pot Magazine



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